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What IT’s about.

Food affects every aspect of our health and wellbeing. Our digestion, immunity, skin, energy levels, health conditions, and mood are ALL impacted by our food choices. So why aren’t we paying more attention to what we put into our bodies?

I've had too many conversations with frustrated women who have "tried everything" to be healthy, but never seem to experience long lasting change. That is why I created Health & Well. My one-on-one coaching programs say goodbye to diets, temporary solutions, and isolation and hello to personal guidance and a tailored plan designed JUST FOR YOU. The best part? Cupcakes and pizza allowed!

Hey! I’m Renee and I’m here to help you feel your best WITHOUT giving up everything you love.

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Who It’s For


I work with women who have a wide range of physical symptoms like digestive upset, skin conditions (acne, eczema, etc), extreme fatigue, and excess weight...

BUT ALSO… women who don’t have ANY glaring symptoms at all. They just KNOW deep down that something is off, that they don’t feel “good” or that they aren’t living a healthy lifestyle.

Because my programs are designed to meet individual needs, they’re for anyone who wants to finally love the body they live in.


As a nutrition coach, I help my clients…


Learn the ins and outs of good nutrition - like what a healthy meal looks like, what should be limited, and what a balanced diet means for them as an individual.


Understand how their career, relationships and lifestyle could be affecting their eating habits and overall health.


Navigate and understand all of the common misconceptions surrounding diets, food and weight loss.


Experience a complete lifestyle transformation.


Develop a healthy relationship with food - quit the guilt and find freedom.


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